Robert Adams

Rob Adams Jr


Name:Rob Adams Jr
Date of birth:May 19, 1985
Address:Festus, MO, US

I have roughly 17 years of computer experience including but not limited to IT (Information Technology) fields in both the Military and Corporate worlds. Currently I am working towards my Computer Security Degree. Serving in the US Army for three years afforded me the opportunity to continue my education even after I served my time.

The '1&0' in my company name '1&0 Computer Care' refers to the Binary Number system in which all computers use. It is a simple yet complex string of 1's and 0's. It allows our computers to perform all manner of operations, from turning on a light bulb to listening to the heart of a baby still in the womb. Although you may not see the 010's you can bet they are there.


2006 - 2009

US Military


I Operated/Maintained Air Defense Systems.

2009 - 2014

Northrop Grumman

Information Technology

Started out a Military Trainer, later IT Department.

2014 - Present

1&0 Computer Care

Computer Services

Performs all types of Services. PC Repair/Upgrades, Networking Admin.


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